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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Rheumatoid Arthritis

a person struggling with a ball in their hand due to arthritis.
General representation of arthritis.

About Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an auto-immune disease that affects the joints. It creates pain as well as restricts motion. Characteristics of RA include symmetrical presentation of affected joints and red swelling of the joints. In addition, nodules may also be found on the surrounding tissues. As the disease progresses, the joints, often those in the hands and […]

Lower Back Pain

a person rubbing their lower back due to pain.
General representation of lower back pain.

About Lower Back Pain Chronic lower back pain can originate from trauma to the muscle and development of soft tissue dysfunction. In addition to the original cause, referred aches from the viscera often adds to it. For example, changes to the body’s automatic nervous system can alter the blood supply to the related tissues. Finally, many cases of this chronic […]

Neck Pain

a person rubbing their neck due to pain.
General representation of neck pain.

About Neck Pain Neck pain, like lower back pain, is one of the most common reasons behind people seeking out paramedical care. Additionally, its origins may be from multiple structures and systems. This includes areas that are not even local to the location where the pain is felt. Cervicalgia is one cause behind this type of ache. It can have […]

Headaches / Migraines

a person rubbing their head due to migraines.
General representation of a migraine.

About Headaches and Migraines Headaches are quite a common complaint and have a wide range of causes. Nearly everyone experiences this kind of pain at least at some point in their life. Meanwhile, only 10% of people may deal with migraines. 40% of headaches fall under tension type. This kind of pain has muscular origins. In many cases, it also […]