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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Massage table in relaxing room for patients during Chinese Medicine treatments at the Oakville health office.
One of the treatment rooms at Noble Mind & Body, local Chinese Medicine office.

About Chinese Medicine Therapy

The Noble Mind & Body method to achieving health, wellness and fitness is based upon the holistic principles presented through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

This approach focuses on lifestyle changes that are often indeed at the root of many disorders and ailments. Therefore these lifestyle changes are key for managing chronic pain and symptoms.

The mind, body, spirit paradigm is in fact the root of TCM!

TCM has long recognized the relationship between the external body and the internal organs. To create health changes on the outside, we have to additionally look at our health on the inside. Our body is often a reflection of the current state of our internal health and emotions including body pains (back, neck, head, knees) as well as inflammation.

Looking at the body as a complete system often leads to new insights and as a result, new strategies in which we can approach the health of the body.

Many patients leave feeling relief from their symptoms after even their first treatment!

A complete understanding of a person’s condition can then form using the pillars of Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment:

In addition, diet therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral therapy, and prescriptive exercise can play a helpful role in the field of Chinese Medicine.

***  Don’t be afraid of needles! Treatments can focus on manual body work, herbs or exercise. This is ideal for those who have a phobia about the use of needles.

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Book a consultation with our acupuncturist to determine if this is the best treatment for YOU. You don’t need to know which treatment you need but rather just a list of your problems and goals.