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Traditional Chinese Medicine

a patient receiving a craniosacral head massage treatment in the Oakville office.
A Craniosacral Therapy on the head region.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is a hands-on (massage-like) treatment style within Osteopathy. It primarily focuses on 3 parts: the cranium, the sacrum and the spine. It uses the idea that cerebrospinal fluid pumps from the brain, then flows rhythmically through the meninges and as a result, the entire body can feel it. Interruption or obstruction of this circulation can lead to pathological disturbances in the body then leading to dysfunctions of the spine, skull, pelvis or limbs and their tissues.

In fact, many unresolved pain issues originate from organ dysfunction.

What is Craniosacral therapy for?

Common uses are:

This form of treatment is also great to treat the nervous system and hormonal system. Therefore it can help with hormonal imbalances potentially causing or heightening:

Some people also use it for simpler purposes such as facial release or even the equivalent of a neck massage.

Craniosacral treatments are gentle, therefore, beneficial to even most patients with pain sensitivities, as well as children and elderly people. Both craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation are great treatment options for people who have abdominal or pelvic pain and dysfunction because these 2 therapies affect the nervous system and the hormonal system.

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What can I expect from a Craniosacral treatment?

During a Craniosacral treatment, the patient is clothed in preferably loose and comfortable attire. They can expect a form of manual body work requiring the handling of the head and body. During the treatment, the touch is often very light and precise when targeting particular structures of the head and face. As a result, the experience of craniosacral therapy is often relaxing and comforting.

Many people comment on the sense of relaxation and rejuvenation after a treatment!