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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Close-up of small weights to use in a relaxing exercise room at the Oakville GTA office.
Room for Exercise Prescription Therapy at Noble Mind & Body health office.

About Exercise Prescription

Above all, exercise prescription is about doing the correct exercises that are best for you. For your body, your challenges as well as your goals. Often, patients know that they should be moving their bodies, however, they default to outdated or incorrect approaches.

What works for one person may not in fact work for another, who may have different needs or goals.

Exercise prescription teaches you how to move your body more effectively while reducing pain and chance of injury. The treatment emphasizes 2 aspects to develop the general areas of human motion: core stabilization as well as the primal movements. For example, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, squatting, lunging and gait.

What is this type of Therapy for?

Types of Pain such as:
Various Goals such as:

The treatment can then play a key role in integrating clinical results into real world results or even performance.

For example, a cyclist has chronic hip or knee pain due to over-active hip flexors. After the mechanism is clinically identified and addressed to relieve the pain, proper exercise and repatterning is crucial. Such exercise would emphasize strengthening core stabilizing muscles as well as developing a recruitment pattern that does not over-emphasize use of the hip flexors. By bridging this integration period, prescriptive exercise would promote good movement patterns and decrease the likelihood of reinjuring the area from overuse.

Book a consultation with Noble Mind & Body to determine if this is the best treatment for YOU. You don’t need to know which treatment you need; just a list of your problems and goals.