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A digitally drawn human head to represent neurology.
General image for the role of the brain in Functional Neurology for Health.

About Functional Neurology

To begin, functional neurology is the application of neuroscience to manual medicine and rehabilitation. It focuses on treating neurological disorders, functional or non-structural in nature. It’s in reference to how well areas of the brain fire and work together with other parts of the brain as well as with the body.

Overall, the most common causes are:

The above causes and others can affect the brain at a cellular level and also interfere with its performance. Treatment then focuses on how to: increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain, increase the cellular metabolic capacity of the brain tissue, as well as stimulate the brain to improve firing.

What is this type of Treatment for?

This therapy uses common and specific neurological tests to determine the affected areas of the brain in addition to the nature of any firing issues.

For example, there may be over-firing in the frontal lobe of the brain or maybe under-firing in the brain’s cerebellum. As a result, the therapy’s tests allow for more custom strategies and treatments.

Accordingly, functional neurology can address:

In addition, it’s not uncommon to add supplements to the treatment plan with this therapy to meet more specific health outcomes. The reason is supplements can in fact directly effect inflammation and firing rate, therefore, aiding the therapy goals. There is a synergistic effect as a result of combining different types of treatments.

Book a consultation with Noble Mind & Body to determine if this is the best treatment for YOU. You don’t need to know which treatment you need; just a list of your problems and goals.

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