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Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Josh Noble holding a bottle of medicinal herbs for Chinese Medicine Therapy

What are Medicinal Herbs as Treatment?

Chinese medicinal herbs are one of the 4 main treatment modalities in Traditional Chinese Medicine. At Noble Mind & Body LTD, medicinal herbal patent formulas often come in the form of tablets. As a result, the treatment plan is convenient as well as compliant with other therapies.

The herbs are often stems, roots or flowers of plants, seeds or various forms of grass. Each herb has its own function and indication for use, and with other herbs, typically creates what is called a formula.

What are Medicinal Herbs for?

Medicinal herbal formulas can help with a variety of aches and pains.

Medicinal herbs can be a valuable addition to a treatment plan when combined with Chinese acupuncture, manual therapy (massage-like approaches) and exercise.

For example, someone complains of chronic fatigue, night sweats and hot flashes. They may have a hormonal imbalance. While taking a herbal formula, the person usually notices an increase in energy, in mood as well as a decrease in the intensity of night sweats and hot flashes.

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What is in these formulas? Are there side effects?

Many formulas are vegan friendly and safe for individuals with gluten, dairy and soy sensitivities. The line of herbs dispensed through the clinic does not use endangered species such as rhinoceros, elephants or tigers. Moreover, the practitioner will address concerns about dosage information at the time of delivery. Also, they are organic and tested to be free of pesticides and GMOs. Therefore, the selected herbs aim to be the highest quality possible.

Medicinal formulas, selected and customized based upon the patient’s needs, often have less side effects than their pharmaceutical counterparts. Thus, they are desirable to those who may have sensitive constitutions or are concerned with harmful side effects. That being said, patients must consult their practitioner before starting a herbal treatment plan or changing herbal prescription.

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