Osteopathy is a relatively new form of manual therapy that was developed in the early 20th century in the United States. It has since spread throughout the world and is very common in Europe.

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (OMP) is the designation assigned to people who have completed the program here in Canada. Though it is currently not a regulated profession, some extended insurance plans do provide coverage for Osteopathic treatments provided by an OMP.

The field of Osteopathy concentrates on the use of manual techniques to manipulate or influence many of the tissues of the body. It is not uncommon for a practitioner to work with muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, fascia, connective tissue and organs.

Osteopathy uses a wide variety of techniques to create an effect within the desired tissue. Its techniques include Muscle Energy Techniques, Facilitated Positional Release, Ligamentous Articular Strain (LAS) technique, oscillatory technique, Craniosacral Therapy, and Visceral Manipulation. It is very efficient at working with physical dysfunctions and chronic pain.

Unlike some other forms of manual therapy, Osteopathy is usually performed in a gentle manner and does not typically increase the pain of the patient. As a result, this makes it a suitable method of treatment for individuals who have chronic pain or sensitivity, seniors, and even children.

When combined with other forms of treatment like Acupuncture, Medicinal Herbs or exercise, Osteopathy can be an important part of a comprehensive treatment plan. For example, a person might have chronic low back pain accompanied with constipation. Aside from receiving Medicinal Herbs for the constipation, gently working manually with the colon may reduce some of the pressure on the back, while joint mobilization of the lumbar spine may help with the stiffness and improve the state of the nerves coming from the spine.

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